What Causes Startups, SMEs businesses to fold up and best solution in 2018

What Causes Startups, SMEs businesses to fold up and best solution in 2018

According to report, over 500 million Africans have access to Internet and over 90 million of Nigerians use the internet every day, doing what? Shopping, communicating, finding information. And Unfortunately, over 95% of startups in Nigeria die between 6-12 months after launching.

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Why do startups or businesses die?
No sales, poor management, bad team, poor branding, low technology management and lot other more. But I tell you, should a business or startup actually die with that huge amount of people accessing the internet everyday? No! But we still have this bad record, increasing poverty level in our society.

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Then you should ask, what’s the way out?
Fine! Jumia started in less than three years it scaled, same as Konga, Uber, AliExpress, SlotNg, NNU etc. What cause their rapid growth? Technology!

These companies understand and did not underestimate the importance of Technology in business and sure they integrated which scaled them so fast and today they are people’s choice.

Your business too can grow, your business too can employ 20-200 workers in the next two years. Save your business from dying, a lot of people are waiting for your products online. Now the question is, What do I do?

See, it is very simple. Worldest Mediatech Concepts is a professional company basically into Computer programming, business development and general ICT. We manage your business and let you scale up in the very shortest time. We have testimonies already. Don’t let your business be a victim.

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